Posted by Heather McCartney

1. Every age, race and sex is at risk for skin cancer, UVCouture doesn’t discriminate.

2. Sun tanning causes cellulite, UV Couture hides it.

3. Each time you peel, your risk for skin cancer increases, peel off UV Couture and still look fabulous.

4. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 2 hours, with UV Couture you only need to apply once.

5. Regular clothing only blocks out 6% of the harmful rays, UV Couture blocks out 99%.

6. Sunscreen is gooey, UV Couture is not sticky and won’t wear off.

7. You are exposed to UV rays 365 days of the year, UV Couture has got you covered all year long.

8. Sun tanning causes wrinkles & sunspots, UV Couture prevents them.

9. 70% of adults do not apply sunscreen correctly, UV Couture has labels so you don’t put them on backwards.

10. Men love sexy, women love UV Couture.

11. UV Couture, protection you’ll love to wear and that feels good.

12. Be safe, be sexy, wear UV Couture!

It’s our mission to help you stay young, healthy, and safe in the sun and we are committed to doing so.
We truly appreciate your kindness & support over the past year.
Wait until you see what we’ve got in store for 2014.
Wishing you, and your family a very safe and happy holiday season.


The UV Couture Family! xo


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