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Well that is the million dollar question, and one that we aren't even sure about at UV Couture.

As summer approaches, we all look forward to more time in the sun, we apply our sunscreen expecting it to protect us from sunburn and reduce our risk of skin cancer.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the products on the market deliver on those two promises.

There is so much mixed information regarding sunscreens:

Are they safe?

Do they do the job they assure us of?

Do they do more harm then good?

One thing we do know for sure, is that skin cancer and melanoma is dramatically on the rise throughout Canada, and the entire Globe- how is this possible, with all the sunscreens available on the market that promise to protect us from the harmful UV Rays?

Heather McCartney, Founder of UV Couture, had these same doubts and questions, so she opted for the safest and most effective form of sun protection- sun protective clothing. Also, recommended by dermatologists as your number one choice for sun safety.

It isn't always possible to cover yourself completely with upf 50 clothing, there are still those hard to reach areas of your body - ie- ears, eyes, nose, tops of feet, that need to be protected with sunscreen. But do your homework on which brands offer the best protection, with the least amount of chemicals.

Some sunscreens lose 90% of their effectiveness in just an hour, so they need to be reapplied often. Look for products with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, they sit on the surface of the skin and physically block UV light.

But if you are like Heather, forget about the guessing game and choose UV Couture, you don't have to worry about chemicals, or having to reapply every hour or two- just take the time to enjoy your summer with family and friends.


The UV Couture Family xo

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