Posted by Heather McCartney

We all know winters are long in Canada but hasn’t this one seemed particularly long, cold and grey?

I don’t know about you but I’m counting the days until I can start my days with green grass and warm sunshine!

In fact, I’ve decided to adopt an "If I think it, it will come" philosophy and am surrounding myself with thoughts of all the things I’m looking forward to once Spring officially arrives:

1. Long days of daylight—There may never be enough hours in the day to get everything done on our ever growing "to do" lists, but at least those hours can be filled with beautiful sunshine and Vitamin D!

2. A happier Mother Nature—Spring flowers, green grass and that unmistakeable smell of Springtime.

3. The return of farmers’ markets—Who doesn’t love the sight of those locally grown, farm-fresh fruits and veggies ready picked for some healthy—and yummy—eating?

4. Happy feet—Out with the big clunky boots and in with the cute strappy sandals! Time to get those toes twinkling with pretty polish and a pampering pedicure!

5. A rainbow of colours—Enough with the dark dreariness… Bright spring colours like blues, yellows and greens are definitely a sight for sore eyes!

6. Seasonal shopping spree—No more hiding under parkas and hoodies! Time to treat yourself to some fantastic sunny accessories—cool new sunglasses and hot new sundresses!

So as we start to creep back outdoors out of winter hibernation and turn our faces towards the first rays of the sunshine, like the flowers desperate to bloom once again, get ready to soak up every last minute of all that Springtime has to offer. Slap on that sunscreen and get out there—we’ve earned it!


The UV Couture Family xo

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