Posted by Heather McCartney

10 Things we’re looking forward to this Summer!


We survived one heck of a winter—so who’s with us in counting down days until summer is here? We’ve definitely earned all of the fabulous things that the summer months bring and are looking forward to soaking up every last minute of them!

1. Long days of daylight—feel like you’ve been living in a cave all winter? Time to soak up the sun!

2. Summertime eating—lazy picnics with family, yummy BBQs with friends, delicious frozen treats… need we say more??

3. Lazy long weekends—whether you’re camping, cottaging or hitting the hammock, long weekends are much more fun in the summer!

4. Farmers’ markets—eating local (and eating delicious!) is never easier than in the summer months. Who can resist all of that fresh food?

5. Outdoor concerts and local festivals—the crowds, the food, the sounds… it all adds up to amazing energy that you definitely don’t want to miss.

6. Patio perfection—summer = social, especially if you’re catching up with friends on a local patio or outdoor cafe.

7. Smells of the season—close your eyes and picture it… freshly cut grass, smoky BBQ sensations, beautiful flowers in bloom… Breathe it in!

8. Strutting your stuff—raise your hand if you’re like us and completely relieved to finally ditch the bulky sweaters and big boots and trade them in for sexy sundresses and stylish sandals!

9. Water weather—whether your summer includes pool parties or beach days, slip on your favourite swimsuit and enjoy! Don’t forget your cover-up —we happen to know where you can get some cute ones! ;)

10. Summer vacations—time to hit the road! Pack the car up for the family road trip, explore your city with a fun-filled staycation or pack your bags and explore a whole new country. Whatever you choose, enjoy every single minute of it—you’ve earned it!

Luv, The UV Couture Family xo

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