Posted by Heather McCartney

We all love summertime. We dream about it when we’re knee deep in snowdrifts and arctic winds, and we savour it from the moment we feel that first ray of sunshine on our faces.

But let’s face it—these days, summertime can also be a challenge. The ever-changing media reports and mixed messages can make us want to channel our inner-ostrich and just bury our heads in the sand!

We finally start remembering to slather ourselves in sunscreen and researchers tell us that SPF may not block the UV rays the way we thought they did- read this

We all love soaking up the Vitamin D as soon as the sunny season begins, but it’s those same rays that that threaten us with too much UV exposure.

We just love how we look when our skin has that sun-kissed glow but it’s tricky to make that happen when we’re loaded down with multiple clothing layers, hats, sunshades and more.

Well, we think it’s time to scrap the stress and take back our summer! Our summers are far too short for us not to enjoy every last minute of them so don’t waste them by worrying. You can be smart, safe AND sexy this summer by just keeping things in balance.

DO keep using sunscreen but remember that it’s not the ‘be all, end all’ protection for your skin.

DO get out there and have some fun in the sun, but remember the sun’s rays are strongest in the middle of the day.

DO enjoy those sunny days but make sure you add some super-cute sun-protection clothing to your summer wardrobe. (insert link:

Most importantly, have fun and savour every last minute this summer has to offer—those cooler nights are just around the corner……..!


The UV Couture Family xo

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