Posted by Heather McCartney

Do you need your morning coffee to perk you up and get your day started on the right foot?

Well apparently not only will it help kick start your day, recent studies suggest that coffee is actually good for your health, protecting you in more ways than one.

Coffee is said to help protect you against Melanoma (the deadliest form of Skin Cancer) & also have significant reductions in dementia rates, Alzheimer’s & Cardiovascular Disease, for those who were moderate coffee drinkers- drinking 3-5 cups of coffee/day.

We feel this is an important message to share because for so long we’ve seen coffee drinking as being an unhealthy habit, and something we should be quitting in order to live a healthier life. It’s time to realize coffee isn’t so bad after all, and it’s better to focus on other lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, increasing your physical activity, eating a healthier diet. and protecting your skin outdoors.

And even though coffee "may" help with lowering your risk of Melanoma it’s important to know not to rely on this as your means of sun protection. The safest and surest way you can protect yourself from Skin Cancer is by wearing UV Couture sun protective clothing, wide-brimmed hat, and physical sunscreen on all other exposed areas of skin.

So tomorrow morning, wake up and smell the coffee!


The UV Couture Family xo

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