Posted by Heather McCartney

The perfect skin care routine is much more complex than that.

Now that the season has changed, your skin care routine should change too. This time on the blog we are reviewing the steps you should follow to have gorgeous and healthy skin.

First things first. The most basic step? Showering! But did you know that when you shower with unfiltered water your skin can get irritated, dry and even clog your pores? This is due all the minerals found in hard water, including calcium, magnesium, silica, and iron. That’s why we swear by a shower filter. It’s a simple change to your routine that will make a noticeable difference. You’ll feel it and you’ll see it.

Second step? Exfoliate! On a daily basis, skin cells regenerate, but they start to accumulate on the surface and with time the skin starts to look dull and dry. This step is vital to brighten up your skin and bringing to surface all the healthy tissue to create a smoother appearance. We recommend following this step every two to three days a week and always moisturize your skin afterwards.

Now let’s talk about how you should wash your face. We have a trick that will definitely improve your skin’s complexion: wash your face twice! Yes, twice. First with cleansing oil so you can successfully remove all that make-up you’ve been wearing to look fabulous during the day, then follow with a creamy or even a foaming face wash to cleanse the skin. You’ll see the difference from day one.

After cleansing, it is important to nourish and hydrate your skin. So always follow with an anti-ageing serum and moisturizer at night, or, if you are planning on going out during the day remember that SPF is vital. Wear sunscreen every single day, it is the best way to prevent wrinkles, sunspots and protect the skin on your face from the UV Rays in order to keep your complexion youthful for a longer period of time.

Now, THE SUN, no matter the season, will have an impact on your skin. Did you know regular clothing only blocks 6% of the UV Rays? Don’t take your skin for granted and take a step forward- your health. Our UPF50+ sun protective clothing line is the perfect way to protect yourself on a daily basis, and it blocks 99% of those harmful rays we mentioned about earlier. We’ve designed a complete line that will have you covered from summer to winter, no matter the weather, no matter your lifestyle.

And, because we started with water, we’ll finish with water! Drinking water is the best step you can follow to be healthy and feel energetic. As we take care of our skin externally, we should do it as well internally. Our body is composed by approximately 60% of water; drinking at least 8 glasses a day will help with digestion, circulation, transportation of nutrients and skin hydration.  

What about you?  Is there a step you do to improve your skin health? Let us know! 

Luv, The UV Couture Team xo

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