Posted by Heather McCartney

It's Helen from Weekend Jaunt! I have just returned from Israel where the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and the heat is paramount. I was there for 10 days to shoot a special segment for my show "Weekend Jaunt." During this time, I cycled across Israel from Golan Heights (the north) to the Negev Desert (in the south). As you can imagine, it's a difficult trek and one must stay hydrated and protect your skin from the strong UV rays. All I can say is that I am truly grateful for meeting Heather of UV Couture. I was in the sun all day and her clothing protected my fair skin. I was extremely comfortable, I felt great in her designs and looked pretty cool! ; ) Also, on the night rides, the artwork on the back of my hoodie lit up as cars drove by which was terrific - it kept me safe!


Great line Heather. I'm so happy to have met you! And will continue to tell people about your clothing. Keep it up!We have spent a ton of time in the sun. My colleague Gary asked "how is it that you are not burned?" My response: "I practice safe sun!" LOL!Thank you Heather from UV COUTURE! You're a life saver.PS. I need cycling shorts...can you add that to your line?

With much appreciation, 


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