Posted by Heather McCartney


It's hard to know what products are the best to buy when it comes to maintaining a youthful, healthy appearance.


I recently had the opportunity to discuss some of my favourite products with a great new on-line Skin Care Magazine called "The SkinY on Skin".


Editor-In-Chief, Helen Vong, has amazing articles for women who are Skin Savvy, & are looking for ways to achieve their optimal health and wellness-


Let's face it- the older we get, the more work that's required in helping us to stay young & healthy- so it's great when we can help each other out and recommend some of our favourite beauty tips.


However, even though skin products are important, the most effective way at maintaining beautiful, healthy skin is to cover up in the sun. The Sun destroys the collagen in our skin causing wrinkles, sun spots, and uneven skin tone, not to mention Melanoma.


I want to help protect women from the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun, by providing them with the tools they need so they can enjoy living a long & healthy life with their family and friends.


I hope you enjoy watching my segment with Helen, and find some of my Skin Care Beauty Tips useful.-


Get out- enjoy the outdoors, but remember to "Practice Safe Sun"




Heather xo



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