Posted by Heather McCartney

A while back I began to notice that my time in the sun was catching up with me - the delicate skin on my chest was burning, gathering age spots and generally looking older than the rest of me.  Around the same time, someone near and dear was diagnosed with melanoma.  It started me thinking about ways we could protect our skin while out in the sun, of course while still looking great.

The first item I came up with was the Chest-Tee - a cute chest cover-up to wear while you're out lying in the sun.  Fast forward a year or so, add a few more shirt styles and a whole lot of hard work and UV Couture is born!  I hope you'll enjoy our first collection and will stay tuned to see what else we've got in store in the future.

So, welcome to UV Couture, where we've got you covered!


xo Heather

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