Posted by Heather McCartney


Have you felt that chill in the air lately? Definitely a sign that Fall is almost upon us—and we all know that means change (like it or not!). Kids are back in school, leaves are changing, days are a little less lazy, and our "to do" lists seem never-ending again. The start of Fall also can feel like a time of new beginnings and inspired resolutions—heading back to the gym, exploring a new hobby, reorganizing your home or simply enjoying the Fall beauty. However it plays out, there’s definitely a feeling of change that seems to touch us all.

One thing that should never change, however, is the importance of protecting your skin. Damage caused by UVA/UVB rays doesn’t end when the summer months do, so make sure that sunscreen and sun protective clothing are part of your new Fall routines. You may not be spending quite as much time lounging poolside (sadly!), but incorporating a few pieces like our sexy & stylish Charlize Sun Shrug is a great way to transition to Fall fashion while making sure your skin remains a priority. Fall may mean "new" but that doesn’t have to mean new wrinkles or age spots!

For those of you who might have over-indulged in a little too much sunshine this Summer and now your skin is paying the price, no need to hang your head in shame. It’s the time of new beginnings, remember? Treat yourself to a great new cream to fade those pesky sun spots, grab your sunscreen and sunglasses, and get out there and soak up all that this beautiful season has to offer!

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