Posted by Heather McCartney

Are you one of the lucky ones heading down South for a little fun in the sun this March Break?

If so, there are a few things we think you should know before you go.

Since we are the experts in sun protection, many people come to us with questions they are concerned about, so we thought we’d answer some of the most common one’s here for you.

We believe all good things should be shared!

Questions we often get asked:

* Does a base tan prevent my skin from burning in the sun?

What it really means is- getting sun damage to allow yourself to get further sun damage later on. There is no such thing as a safe tan, the tanned colour change in your skin is a sign of sun damage & damage to your DNA - studies show a link between sunburn & skin cancer.

Please avoid tanning beds at all costs; they are extremely dangerous and proven to cause cancer.

*What is the difference between regular clothing and UV Couture clothing?

UV Couture UPF50 clothing blocks 99% of the dangerous UV Rays while regular clothing blocks less than 6%. The great thing about UV Couture clothing is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, and you don’t need to wear sunscreen with them. You only need to use sunscreen on all other exposed areas of skin.

* How much sunscreen do I really need?

Dermatologists suggest one of the biggest mistakes people make about sunscreen is they don't use enough of it. A shot glass full of sunscreen which is at least SPF30, every 2-3 hours remains your best protection against the harmful rays of the sun- and the amounts you need to get the proper protection.

One of the biggest reasons skin cancer is growing dramatically here in Canada and all other parts of the world, is simply because people aren't treating the risk of sun exposure seriously, they aren’t using sunscreen correctly, and they aren’t using the right ones.

More and more people are turning to sun protective clothing since sunscreen alone cannot fully protect you-  wearing UV Couture clothing, makes your life so much easier and takes the worrying out of the time when you should be having fun with family and friends.

* I have dark skin, can I still get skin cancer?

Everyone is susceptible, people of color can still develop skin cancer from UV damage- rock star legend ‘Bob Marley’ died of skin cancer.

It’s been found that vanity play the main role when informing people about the dangers of sun exposure, it’s much more effective to play on their fear of aging, getting wrinkles and saggy skin then it is warning them about the risk of melanoma, no one believes they’re going to get skin cancer.

Remember, in addition to applying sunscreen; wear sun protective clothing, sunglasses, and a wide brimmed hat- all important behaviors to reduce the risk of skin cancer. 

Have a wonderful March Break,

Luv, The UV Couture Family xo

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