Posted by Heather McCartney


Protecting yourself from the Sun - As seen in Fashion Forward 40

As Canadians enjoy a Victoria Day long weekend and the Americans look forward to Memorial Day Weekend I thought it might be appropriate to talk about Sun Skin Care. May is also Melanoma Awareness Month.

I have a very pale sun sensitive skin. I don't burn I rash. And I have a history of skin cancer in my family. So I am always cautious about my sun exposure. Recently it became apparent that my 5 year old son has the same skin issues. It is nearly impossible to keep a young boy inside on a sunny spring day when all his friends are outside. So I have been learning more about how to protect him, and thus myself, better from the sun.

We all hear the tips to better protect yourself from the sun... wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects from UVA and UVB rays... limit exposure during middle of the day when the sun is its strongest...wear a hat and sunglasses... but do we really follow them??


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