Heather McCartney on a chair on beach

Heather Tate McCartney, Founder of UV Couture Inc., started developing and designing our unique line of sun protective apparel for herself back in 2009 as she was starting to notice signs of sun damage & aging, and knew it was time to protect herself with more than just sunscreen. 

As it turns out, around this same time, her father was diagnosed with Melanoma, knowing that Skin Cancer is often hereditary, it is also the only type of cancer that can be prevented by the choices made outdoors.

Having been raised in Sudbury Ontario, Heather spent many summers out on the lake- water skiing and boating, and still enjoys spending as much time outside as possible.

When Heather set out to try and find fashionable and sexy sun protective shirts that could be used for any outdoor activity, she came up empty handed, and decided to take matters into her own hands designing the first UV Couture shirts.

What most people don’t realize is that covering up with regular clothing just isn’t enough, it blocks less than 6% of the harmful UVA/UVB Rays, while UV Couture products block out 99%, a significant difference.

Our products are proudly manufactured here in Canada, and contain no harmful sprayed chemicals; the UV protection is woven right into our fabric.

UV Couture UPF 50+ products provide women the opportunity to look sexy, stylish and fashionable, while protecting their beautiful skin from burning, wrinkling, developing unattractive sun spots, but more importantly, helping to prevent skin cancer.

At no time is sun protection more important, Skin Cancer and Melanoma is the fastest growing Cancer in Canada and Worldwide- it's time to start making better choices when outdoors, in order to protect our health and beauty.

In most places we are exposed to sunlight 365 days a year, and our team at UV Couture want you to get out and enjoy it in a safe and stylish way. Using a dermatologist-recommended sun block along with our UPF 50+ sun protective apparel will provide you with all the protection you need to ensure you stay safe, sexy and confident!

UV Couture products are perfect for the beach but also serve double duty in being fashionable enough for lunch out with the girls, or to wear to the office. Our style and design is flattering to women of all sizes and shapes, and will become a wardrobe staple. 

We know you will enjoy wearing our garments as much as we enjoy making them for you.

So get out and enjoy the great outdoors! Life is for living and we’ve got you covered gorgeous!

Yours Truly,

The UV Couture Team xo



UV Couture sun protection series of products represents the line of sun protective fabrics that guarantee an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+, which is specially designed for all activities under strong and long sunlight exposure. An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50 is the highest sun protective rating possible in clothing and prevents more than 98% of all UV rays.

The sun protective properties are created using unique fiber weaving techniques and are designed to safely increase the rate of active sun protection of each of our products. These advanced technologies greatly aid in protecting human skin from harmful sunlight.

Our products bring you comfort, soft hand feel and excellent draping along with freedom of movement.


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