We couldn't ask for better customers. The response to our Sun Protective clothing has been out of this world. See for yourself what others have had to say! If you would like to be featured as well, go to our contact form and leave your name, city, and testimonial. Click here to add your testimonial >>

Hello UV Couture Team,

I just want to say thank you for the gifts I received for waiting for my dress to arrive that was a very nice gesture and I felt the need to write and voice that, great customer service is hard to find and wanted to say thank you for promptly returning my emails as well and I will definitely want to purchase something from you guys again in the future, the dress fits awesome and I love it as well thanks again!

Teresa, British Columbia

Hello UV Couture,

Just a note to thank you for your personal attention to my order. I did receive my leggings and scarf. Please let me go on in praise of the detail of packaging, your personal hand written note was a delight! I hope, as your company expands, your wonderful personal touches continue with your growth. I love my leggings, the quality superb!

I know the Charlize Sun Shrug has been extremely popular in white. I would really love to add to my collection and was wondering if there is a possibility of availability in white med? I wish also to order some pants but will wait for your response in the chance the Shrug will be available. I was diagnosed with Lupus recently thus the extra protection from the sun is utmost to me.

Thank you so much Paula. I hope UV Couture never looses you as an employee. You are simply a delight!



Hi UV Girls,

I have 2 of your summer UV short sleeve shirts that I wear to keep from getting a sun rash, they have been amazing!  After years of sun screen not cutting it and having a terribly itching chest all summer, your shirts have saved me and allow me to enjoy the beach with my babes again, Thank You so much!

Amy T.
Cambridge, ON

Hi UV Couture Team,

I have truly enjoyed my last purchase regarding your clothing and the top notch service. In fact, I found the material to be very comfortable and I love the colours/style options. Thank you very much. 


Tanya G.
Sherwood Park, Alberta

Hi UV Couture,

Thank you for the support you provide to a population of people that need to cover up (or that should cover up). Last year, my dermatologist found a malignant melanoma on me that was only "in situ" and thankfully hadn't spread. As a mother of three and in my thirties, I became completely alarmed about being in the sun. Having an opportunity to purchase UV protective clothing has helped me regain some freedom in that I am not as afraid to go outside and still do things with my children during the day. I went for a period of only wanting to do things indoors.
Thank you so much for providing such wonderful (and fashionable) UV protective clothing.

Sincerely, Belinda (Milton, ON)

Hi UV Couture,

I am pleased to state that I already own 5 pieces of your clothing line and enjoy them immensely. I have given the website to a few of my girlfriends as they and myself have been battling breast cancer this past year.
It is exciting to have clothing that makes you feel pretty and sexy when going through this kind of a struggle as well as protect you from the Sun!!!!

Originally I was able to purchase your clothes in Sudbury Ontario but I'm happy to know that I can do so much easier and quicker through your website

Thank you & wishing you the best with this amazingly beautiful clothing line



Hi UV Couture,

I just had to send you a quick note.  Today I had the chance to really test out the Ella shirt.  I was in and out of the pool all day long with my girls. Lounging, reading, swimming, laying volleyball.  On a normal day I would have slathered on the sunscreen, and despite my best efforts would have ended up with a burnt and tender chest.  For some reason, my chest burns every time I spend more than a couple of hours in the sun, but not today.  Thanks to the light weight and gorgeous Ella shirt not only did I enjoy a full day in the sun while remaining protected from the suns harmful rays, but I also looked sorta cute doing it :)
So, thank you for creating such a wonderful product.


Stephanie Holmes
How To Survive Life In The Suburbs

 Hello UV Couture,

As a Dermatologist, I am always discussing the importance of sun avoidance with my patients. Proper sun etiquette requires wearing a wide brim hat, avoiding peak hours 10 am -2 pm, applying sunscreen SPF 30 or higher 15 minutes prior to going outside, reapplying every 2 hrs (especially if swimming or sweating), and seeking shade as much as possible. I also recommend wearing UPF clothing.

UV Couture is a great Canadian company with a fun style that encourages women to protect themselves against harmful UV rays.

Dr. Lyne Giroux
Sudbury Skin Clinique

Hi there,

I am so happy that I found cute UV clothes...from a Canadian Company! The other site I found, their clothes are too old looking, and just because I have Lupus, why should my fashion have to suffer?

We are headed to Disneyworld, so I need some good UV clothes that will assure protection, and was dreading what I would have to wear. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes on how great the clothes were, very stylish and timeless. I am not an old lady, nor do I wish to dress like one just so I can go out in the sun. And to be a Canadian company, well, that was the icing on the cake.

Sincerely, Jill

Hello UV Couture,

I will definitely be buying more of your products, I absolutely love them!

Just trying to decide which ones...

Tracy S. - Ottawa, ON

Hi UV Couture,

I received my uv tops and love them. They fit perfect. Thank you so much. I am going to look so chic on my cruise..lol

I am going to tell everyone about your site.. Stunning styles that will never be outdated!!

Phyllis - Staten Island, NY

Hi UV Couture,

I recently ordered your products for my wife for Christmas. We were both delighted with them. But more interesting for me was the fact that this is a made in Canada company and as I learned more I admire your entrepreneurial spirit. Good luck with your business and your innovative approach.

Medhat - Mississauga, ON

Dear UV Couture,

The Sydnee Sun Shirt, and Scarlet Sun Dress are great we don't get hot while walking on the beach in Aruba, we have really enjoyed them.

Thanks, Tina

Esperanza's Testimonial

I love the idea of the UV fabric so I don't always need to put on sunscreen.

The rash guards are very comfortable!

The fabric is softer and nicer than the rashguards we were given by Nike when I competed in Nicaragua.

Thank you UV Couture - your products rock!!

Esperanza- Sayulita, Mexico


I loved getting my online order a few weeks ago including:

  • pink sticker on the outside of the envelope
  • my garments wrapped in nice tissue paper secured with at pink sticker
  • bonus lip balm in a cute little "purse"
  • the handwritten note thanking me for my order
  • the second handwritten note  acknowledging that this was my second order and thanking me

I left the packaging, notes etc on my table for several days so that I could keep enjoying it. Oh, yeah, I am also enjoying alternating between wearing the Olivia shirt and the Cameron Sun shirt on my daily walk and I plan to pack them for Arizona this winter along with the Gabrielle Hoodie from last summer.

Thanks so much!
Bev A.

Pick me! Pick me!

I couldn’t decide which picture to send but obviously you can see that I love wearing my UV Gabrielle hoodie when I go out on my SUP. Your designs fit my lifestyle and I think my favorite recently is my black Cameron shirt but the Scarlet Sundress is a very close second. Can’t you see it now "Sarah" shirt. I love how I can have style and know that I am protecting my skin from the harmful UV rays – I can go outside and play on the beach and not worry about sun damage – how awesome is that?

Kind regards,

I wish I had UV Couture when I was teenager. At 47 years old I now have sun damage on my chest due to burns that could have been avoided if a product like the Chest-tee was around. As an esthetician of 30 years I recommend UV Couture to every young girl who enjoys the sun. The Chest-tee should be a staple in your wardrobe just like the LBD (little black dress). Trust me you will be thankful years from now.

PS – dry skin does not cause wrinkles ...... sun damage does.

Oakville, ON

Hello UV Couture,

I was at Beachy Keen today shopping for a new bathing suit for a March break trip to the Florida Keys. What I was super pleased to find was an awesome looking cover up. I ended up with the UV Couture black sun shrug. And I love it! Sami promoted your product really well, another lady came in a bought the same one while I was there!

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a melanoma on my leg. First diagnosis said that it was possible it may have spread. But I had a large excision and node biopsy and everything looked clear. I'm left with a hole in my leg but I am healthy! I now have to stay out of the sun which is a real bummer. And cover up clothes can be so dowdy! How pleased I was to find this cover up! I think it is something I'll wear with everything. (And I love the sparkly starfish)

Thanks so much for your creations! I'd love to see a more complete line. Very exciting that you did so well on Dragon's Den, I'm sorry I missed that episode.

Good luck with everything!
Liane - Toronto, ON

Hey UV Couture!

I promised some pics of UV Couture in Barbados...

We had such a wonderful time. The island is beautiful… and very hot! I have to say I wore my shirts diligently! And not just lounging around! They really stood up to some wear. On the beach, in the water, on the sand, driving around town, on boats. I rinsed them and wore them again.

And I'm telling you, I could have sold 20 of them on the boat we were on! I must have had 3 different groups of ladies ask about the shirts. I must have repeated your website ad nauseum! They were stylish and fun and people noticed.

If you ever have any styles or shirts you just don't know what to do with, let me know. I'm a walking bill board.

Thanks so much! xoxoxo

Your biggest fan,
Cathy - Mississauga

weekend jaunt


It's Helen from Weekend Jaunt! I have just returned from Israel where the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and the heat is paramount. I was there for 10 days to shoot a special segment for my show "Weekend Jaunt." During this time,  I cycled across Israel from Golan Heights (the north) to the Negev Desert (in the south). As you can imagine,  it's a difficult trek and one must stay hydrated and protect your skin from the strong UV rays. All I can say is that I am truly grateful for meeting Heather of UV Couture. I was in the sun all day and her clothing protected my fair skin. I was extremely comfortable,  I felt great in her designs and looked pretty cool! ;) Also,  on the night rides,  the artwork on the back of my hoodie lit up as cars drove by which was terrific - it kept me safe!, Great line Heather. I'm so happy to have met you! And will continue to tell people about your clothing. Keep it up!, PS. I need cycling shorts...can you add that to your line?, With much appreciation, Helen,

Helen - Toronto
Ontario Fitness Council

Dear UV Couture,

I love my sun shirt and wore it all over the place in Greece.  It was a lifesaver from the hot Mediterranean sun and felt so comfortable and easy to wear. Plus it looked great!

I wore the top a lot!

Thanks again for the great shirt!

Toronto, ON


My hoodie arrived yesterday, fits perfectly and I love it. Many thanks!

Robin T
Calgary, Alberta

Hi UV Couture,

I love it- love it -love it. Had a great week at lake Okanagan resort just after I received my gorgeous shirt. It was perfect for giving my skin a break from the sun and for keeping a bit warm as the evening cooled. It just feels so good on my skin. I could live in it!

I actually had a number of comments on it so I did pass around the website name. hopefully people remembered it.

Calgary, Alberta

To the team at UV Couture,

Thank you again to you and Heather for joining us yesterday. It was so nice to meet both of you! Thank you again for bringing the mannequin along with the sample shrugs for our silent auction winner. I know Carolyn was very excited to be the winning bidder. She's been a longtime volunteer of ours who heads to Florida every winter so she'll put the shrug to good use!! We really appreciate your generosity!

Hope you have a great week!

Canadian Cancer Society

Hi UV Couture,

I love it- love it -love it. Had a great week at lake Okanagan resort just after I received my gorgeous shirt. It was perfect for giving my skin a break from the sun and for keeping a bit warm as the evening cooled. It just feels so good on my skin. I could live in it!

I actually had a number of comments on it so I did pass around the website name. hopefully people remembered it.

Calgary, Alberta

Hi UV Couture,

The sun shirt arrived and it's perfect!  Great fit, fun style.  I love it!  Thanks so much for the free wet bag and the super
quick turnaround.  I'll be sure to spread the word about your great UV fashions :)

Margaret - Toronto, ON

Love UV Couture. I spend the summers on the water and even though I love the sun,  I know the damage it can do over time. UV Couture is almost like wearing a second skin - comfortable ,  light yet with 50 SPF. Love the chest TEE - great idea!

Toronto, ON

I can't say enough on how much I LOVE all of the UV Couture clothing! The quality is top notch and the style choices make it easy to stay protected from the sun without compromising style. The collection takes you anywhere you want from smart casual, cottage weekends, sporty and to the beach. Ordering on-line is a cinch and my orders have all arrived quickly. Thanks so much!

Bedford, NS (formerly from Sudbury, ON)

Hi there,

Just received my hoodie yesterday and wanted to say that it was incredible how fast it was delivered.I ordered the small in white and it looks great! I may order the black too!Love the waterfall, I bet that my daughter will be wearing a hoodie soon, she loved it.Thanks once again.


Hi UV Couture,

I just got home late yesterday and got your package! I LOVE the Pippa! It fit's perfectly! Thank you so much, I can't wait to rock it at the Outdoor Show!

Jamie - SUP LOVE

Hi UV Couture,

My wife and I picked up the Pippa Sun Shirt today in Oakville. I even found a swim suit there. We saw your website online.  P.S. You are without question the best company we have ever dealt with online for response or follow-up, etc and we thank you for that.


Hello UV Couture,

My order arrived today right on schedule. I'm delighted with my purchase. Please keep me informed about your excellent merchandise.

Carol - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hi UV Couture,

I just wanted to let you know that my wife loves her hoodie and the size works.Thanks very much for your help.

Best regards,
Josh - Toronto, ON


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